How iNSISt Got Started

iNSISt actually began as part of an effort to integrate the generation of NSIS scripts into Visual Studio.NET. After having to manually update scripts a number of times as our project files and environment configurations changed, it became apparent that a method of auto-generating the scripts and integrating that functionality into Visual Studio was needed (and we didn't like many of the "wizard" tools out there because they were inflexible and didn't allow us to change the structure of our scripts).

When we started developing such a product for Visual Studio, it occurred to us that the framework being used by our code could easily be published on its own and could be "standardized" by the development community such that many different UIs and tools (like our Visual Studio product) could be built on top of it.

If you've looked at the documentation for the framework, you've seen that the framework itself is incredibly simple. The main draw, therefore, in having it published as an open source project is in getting a number of developers to look at it and work on it so that it's standardized and keeps up with changes to NSIS.

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